Jeromy Zajonc for Customer Testimonial Videos

July 12, 2022

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Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeromy Zajonc, Professional Coach

Can you tell me what things were like before you contacted Wishingwell Coaching?

Jeromy Zajonc: Before working with Jess, I had resigned From my job for about after about 14 years and I was definitely not sure about which direction that I wanted to go, though. I knew that I wanted to be really thoughtful and do a lot of work with a professional before making the next decision.

Was there anything you felt hesitant about in saying yes to coaching, and why did you move forward?

Jeromy Zajonc: I interviewed probably four or 5 different coaches, all specifically experts in helping people make career decisions. Um, I was just really wanted to get as much information as possible about what this person's background was, um you know what their fees were and then, most importantly, why they felt like they might be able to help me out.

What program did you join, and what was it like?

Jeromy Zajonc: I ended up working with jess on a nine coaching session package, which I think turned out to be a really good fit. It was enough coaching sessions where I didn't feel stressed that I had to sort of make really important career decisions too quickly. But then also it wasn't too much time where I felt like I could just put it off and not do the work, so I'm really happy with the way that I went for that it was structured, I knew when the appointments were coming um the sessions were really smooth, She was very friendly and allowing me to kind of give my rambling upgrades or updates, I should say, um for the 1st 10 minutes of each coaching session, and we just always move things forward. So that was that was really positive.

What was the biggest result that you got from coaching? Please describe in detail! :)

Jeromy Zajonc: the biggest result that I got from coaching with jess without question was the courage to make the decision on what I'm doing next. I had wanted to become a coach myself for over 20 years and got sidetracked um with a career in the film and television industry and it just kept going and going and going, but I could just never Really lose sight of wanting to coach. I literally have wanted to do it for over 20 years, I have done a certification program and then um put it off and put it off and put it off until I couldn't do it anymore. Then flash forward to working with jess even though I knew that that was on the table for me, it felt really scary, it felt sort of mystical, I didn't know where to start, I wasn't sure that I could make it successful. Um but most importantly, I just wasn't comfortable really making the decision to say this is what I'm going to do next and that was another big piece of working with her, which was the understanding of maybe this isn't what I'm going to do forever, but this is what I'm going to do next. And that got me away from Indecision and making a decision and just instead of focusing my energy on what am I going to do next, it was focusing as it became very quickly focusing my decision or my energy on how am I going to do it um and what's that look like and that's when things started to get really exciting and really energetic and uh and that's where I'm at now. So um I am certain I would have never made that decision had I not been working with her.

What has been the impact of that result on your career and life?

Jeromy Zajonc: so far, the impact has been that I wake up every day knowing what I'm doing next and it is starting my own practice. Um and I have now made myself employee # one and created a work schedule for myself. Um and I have now started telling everybody in my network exactly what I'm doing next and it has built a tremendous amount of excitement in my life, um enthusiasm in the household, dad is in a better place. Uh as a husband, I'm just feeling much much better. Um so that's been a really big impact and very quickly and so as far as my life is concerned outside of the career side, I mentioned the impact on home, but also I realized that I need to be more in alignment in a lot of different areas. And so, um I have started already just in the past few months really stepping up my game, resetting all of my goals, not just career goals but life goals. Um and that has all been sort of a waterfall effect from working with jess and making at what at the time was the biggest decision, which is what am I going to do with my life. So, um that's been a really big impact. It's been a very short period of time and um I look forward to sharing the results and the struggles along the way, but I think they're going to be significant

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