Barbara for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Barbara

Can you tell me what things were like before you contacted Wishingwell Coaching?

Barbara: Hi everyone, my name is Barbara and I just wanted to give a shout out to Jessica Sweet, I signed up for her job coach class earlier this year and the benefits were tremendous. I was, I joined with a little bit of a jaundiced eye because my background is in HR and I've been involved in HR for a very long time and I wasn't really certain how a job search group would go, but I was very intrigued by the concept and more importantly, I chose Jessica out of the thousands and thousands of people available on linkedin because of her background in therapy. She's an actual licensed therapist and I thought that that would bring a different view and a different focus to my job search than that than something that a recruiter or a job search professional would bring to the table, which I was the most impressed by and the most intrigued by because I am, you know, I have done my share of recruiting and I've had my share of job search conversations with employees who are looking for different positions within the company etcetera. So I was looking for a new approach and I found it with jess and with her group again, like I said, I was very pleasantly surprised with the people who were in the group, They were all professionals like me, either middle or upper level and their input into me and what I brought to the table was invaluable. They were from other walks of life, different parts of the country and they all had different ways of seeing my strengths and my attributes. And I really appreciated that. I also really appreciated Jesse's materials, which I also think have a little bit of a different bend again, because she is a licensed therapist. I most liked the handout she had for us to provide to people we've worked with in the past asking them to comment on what our genius is. That's kind of a hard one to get out there because you're feeling a little bit, you have a little lack of confidence because we've either lost our jobs or were about to lose our jobs or were contemplating getting out of a terrible job. Whatever our reason is for searching for work, it's usually not something we tout as this absolutely wonderful thing when we're in the middle, when we're when we're leaving job a and we're not at job be yet and we're in the middle. That's a really kind of a delicate time for people emotionally and to hear my colleagues and people I've worked with say such glowing things about me when we did the genius exercise really helped boost my confidence. Um again, I just want to say, I emphatically um and wholeheartedly recommend jess and her job search group As an option for any middle or upper level manager who's over 40 who is looking for help and potentially finding a new position for them, their their dream job and before I go, that's the other thing I want to point out is that the focus of the group was on finding your real dream job, which really includes a lot of soul searching, What do you really want? And I was forced to really look at that. And Jessica was very good at helping me stay focused on that and not get distracted by it. And so was the rest of the group to get distracted by other shiny objects that come into my purview, like other potential jobs and things that weren't exactly what I wanted. Um and I have to say, I'm much happier today and grateful for all that I learned in that group. I am pursuing my own business at this point in time, which has been doing really well and we'll continue to do well in the future. I'm excited about it. And again, wholeheartedly, I recommend that you hired jess and more specifically her job search group as you're looking for your next thing. Good luck

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