Dave Doucette for WVC Leadership Summit

October 19, 2022

WVC Alum, Dave Doucette "Marquette" shares his advice to the current leaders of the WVC!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Doucette, Psychotherapist/Counselor

How has your experience with the WVC helped you in your current career?

Dave Doucette: Hi there, my name is David. You said I was at Marquette University and I was their president at one time. And I think that my experience as president and as a player shaped my career now because it helped teach me how to interact with, talk, to negotiate with referees, teammates, opponents, other coaches, board members, um, and really organizing practices tournaments. But it really just forced me to learn to interact with others.

Tell me what playing the WVC has meant to you

Dave Doucette: Playing college volleyball and the WVC was something I never thought was possible. I was planning to go to school and focus on my grades and I didn't even know that it existed and it provided me with an avenue to instantly meet people who like the same thing I did. It was an instant way to feel like I belong somewhere developed relationships, be competitive, meet others. I mean to this day I stay in touch with some of some of the guys I played with and honestly I see almost more, some of the guys I played against who live in the same area and we still play against one another. So it really opened up avenues to a whole new crew of people and I was so grateful I could play

What advice would you like to pass down to the next generation of WVC leaders/players?

Dave Doucette: I would encourage current or prospective players to try to enjoy the journey and enjoy the moment, be present as much as you can and soak it all in because you're you're living the life for sure. And it's not until it's taken away or until you graduate or it's over that you really start to appreciate it. So try to take that extra breath when you're serving or when you're driving or you're partying at night with your team or your wake up, take that extra moments and try to be grateful for the experience of being in college and playing volleyball and being around a bunch of your friends and being part of a bigger league.

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