Mina Owliaei from Paramount Success Story

April 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mina Owliaei, Sr. AE, Paramount

Can you describe a specific business win that Winmo helped you achieve?

Mina Owliaei: As a new business account executive, I really rely on Winmo Edge and the Winmo contacts to help do my cold calling and identify new advertisers that have entered the market. I came across an article on Winmo Edge that told me about a tourism brand that was back into the market. Actually, after the height of COVID was starting to subside a bit and leveraging the contacts within WinmoEdge and the information that was provided to me, I was able to secure a client meeting with a brand manager and secure a scatter deal across multiple quarters across platforms.

What advice would you give to another user hoping to be successful with Winmo?

Mina Owliaei: To anyone looking to use Winmo and to be successful in their outreach. I'd highly recommend checking out the daily newsletters that come in. Uh I subscribe to the emails from Winmo and I get really relevant top line information about any new brand changes, any new launches, any new products and changes at the CMO level. Um I really rely heavily on that as a new business seller. I'd also really recommend checking out the media mixes of their brands. It's a really good look at a granular media mix for each of your client's needs.

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