Winmo User Testimonial: Allison Hamilton-Rohe, First Book

August 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Manager, Strategic Alliances at First Book

What problem was your company dealing with before Winmo?

Allison Hamilton-Rohe: Hi, I'm Allison Hamilton- Rohe. And I work for an organization called First Book. We provide new books to kids in need at title one schools and other organizations that serve that same population. We were using, LinkedIn to find prospects at potential corporate partners. And before Winmo, we were not able to get those prospects emails.

How did Winmo help resolve this challenge?

Allison Hamilton-Rohe: We were using LinkedIn to find prospects, but we couldn't find their emails. Now, not all of the social impact professionals are on Winmo, but we were starting with "marketing staff", and then looked for "social impact staff", and by using the Research Feature that Winmo has, to find their emails.

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