Peter Curtis '08

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Curtis '08

How did WT's Performing Arts program positively impact your life?

Peter Curtis '08: wow. Um how how didn't W. T. S performing Arts program positively affect my life? Um Gosh I mean number one Mrs Holmes was the central part of that, I mean there was a lot of other support people who helped of course, but she was really the queen of everything. Um But really I think it just started with you know me not being especially talented but being welcomed into the performing arts community. Um You know given you know initially small parts um worked up to a supporting role my senior junior and senior years uh those were always kind of fun so um you know I really appreciate the confidence in me. Um I also played sports so I had my you know my hands in a lot of different cookie jars I guess you could say. Um But so it was actually really important to me that um you know uh that the performing arts community accepted me because not a lot of people did did both um sports and performing arts but um you know basically it's just I think the trust that you know mrs Homes in the community um you know putting me, showed me that I could try a lot of new things that I might not otherwise be good at in life um tried a lot of different things in my career, I decided to move abroad for three years, something that I didn't expect to do but you know, so it's given me just a newfound you know kind of sense of adventure um you know self confidence and you know it's it's I mean the performing arts W. T. Was something I'll never forget. So it was just very special to me and you know like I said, mrs Holmes was was the queen of it.

What's one of your favorite memories of Mrs. Holmes?

Peter Curtis '08: wow! Favorite memories Mrs Holmes, Oh my gosh! So I did six upper school musicals, I was just happened to be there at the right time. You know, usually, you know, start until ninth grade, but in seventh grade and they needed a Children's course for joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So I was able to be in that one and then I was able to also be the eighth grade intern the following year and then I did of course all four musicals in a good amount of the play is also in high school. But uh honestly, you know, my favorite memory of her. Um it seems pretty simple, but it was going in during spring break in uh must have been I think 2003, 2004 during joseph to help make um to help just, you know, make the costumes. Um I remember specifically just sitting with her at the table there in the cafeteria on like a Tuesday during spring break. Um and I was like, you know what, I want to help and I love spending time with mrs Home. So I just went in and we had a you know, lovely afternoon sitting there stitching up these pillbox hats and uh you know, just remember sitting there with her shooting the ship and having a good time and um it's a simple memory, but uh you know, there's a couple other students there and we just talked about life, talked about the show and yeah, just nice, simple memory

What are some of the lessons you carry with you today?

Peter Curtis '08: wow lessons that I carry with me today. Um it's a lot, but honestly, the first thing that comes to me is um is just, kind of, you know, like, like a magnanimity um that Mrs Holmes kind of displayed to me um, in terms, you know, I got in trouble with some friends in school, it was, it was, you know, harmless, you know, stuff, but I did, I got suspended for a day in eighth grade during, you know, the last, you know, for, you know, 56 weeks of preparation for the musical, which was Pirates of Penzance that year, which was a great one of my favorite shows we ever did, just a great hilarious musical with, with a great cast. Um, but, you know, as a result, because I was, you know, they had trusted me to represent eighth grade well, and being the musical, I, you know, kind of, I guess, you know, breached that trust a little bit, and so, um, you know, I was, I was kind of kicked out of the musical for uh, you know, two weeks, um, but, and I thought I was, you know, I was like, well, I lost my chance, you know, fair enough, but actually, you know, Mrs Holmes pushed for um, to, to bring me back in a couple weeks later, and uh, you know, she, she talked to me, she didn't chew me out or yell at me, she just was like, listen, I, I, you know, I understand things happen, I know you're not a bad, bad guy, you know, come on back, and so I quickly caught up, but you know, just that kind of trust and um you know, that kind of, like I said that that that magnanimity, um you know, she she's just a gentle soul who um, you know, respected me, gave me, you know, give me a second chance and, you know, again, we're talking about the High School Musical here, it's not like I was in prison or anything, but still, you know, it was it was very impactful to me at the time, and I was devastated when I I got kicked out. So this is, you know, one of those real stories, you know, it's a it was a negative experience at first, but, you know, the fact that she she, you know, wanted me back and and and, you know, give me a second chance, it was, you know, kind of a redemption I'll never forget. And so I think that shows a lot about her, you know, she's not a she's not a punitive person, um you know, she will if she has to be right, I mean, you know, I think, I think the consequence of being removed for two weeks was fair, but you know, she wrote me back, I'll never forget, it was a great show and forever grateful for that

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