Isaac Rudich '11

March 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Isaac Rudich '11

How did WT's Performing Arts program positively impact your life?

Isaac Rudich '11: Mrs Holmes's theater program really changed my life because it gave me a safe space, somewhere to be after school, even late at night when I didn't have one at home, and that really had such a tremendous impact on my ability to grow and develop as a person. And of course I also fell in love with theater and I decided to pursue it, and I went to college for theater. And even though I've decided to take my career in a different direction, I'm really glad that I took the path I did.

What's one of your favorite memories of Mrs. Holmes?

Isaac Rudich '11: I don't think I really have a specific memory so much as whenever I think about Mrs Holmes, I think about sitting together late at night after rehearsal, in the cafeteria, outside the theater, laughing about something. I couldn't tell you what, but it's still some of my fondest memories.

What are some of the lessons you carry with you today?

Isaac Rudich '11: I don't think I was remotely into art when I met Mrs Holmes and she really changed that. I think one of the most important things that I still think about a lot is that I learned how to love art and appreciate different kinds of art, and I learned that no matter what I'm doing in my life, I want it to be a significant part of my life and I think that's really been enriching for me.

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