Marie Janoski Review- Rosemary + Lion's Mane Mushroom Synergism Capsules

August 20, 2023

In this review of Wild Wood Apothecary's Rosemary + Lion's Mane Mushroom Marie shares her experience with the cognitive support she receives from my capsules!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marie Janoski

Marie Janoski: Hi, my name is Marie and I wanted to provide a testimonial for the Rosemary Lion's Mane by Wild Wood. And I purchased this for cognitive support as I am recovering from a concussion that I endured last September. And I'm having difficulty with processing and finding words now. Although I have improved significantly, there is still some residual effects remaining. So I thought, you know what, I'm going to go ahead and try this, I'm going to turn to our beloved earth and I know that she's going to help me. So I've been trialing this now for a couple of weeks and I do believe that it is continuing to assist me and I'm able to retrieve information a little bit more readily or quickly as compared to prior. So I'm really grateful for it. And to be honest with you, smells, the aroma of this is absolutely beautiful. So I would recommend this if you are, you know, starting to forget things like, you know, I was forgetting to close my trunk door. I left the freezer door open. I can't find words. So I needed help So, of course, I trust April. I really do. and her knowledge, her wisdom. So this is my testimonial and I would recommend it.

What makes you feel comfortable choosing Wild Wood Apothecary for herbal remedies?

Marie Janoski: So the question is what makes me feel comfortable choosing, Wild Wood Apothecary items. And there's just no doubt that, April has this impeccable wisdom well, beyond her years, it's probably embedded in her DNA. And I just out of all the herbalist out there, April to me is I would consider her to be the best, not that it's all competition, but I just trust her wisdom. She not, she not only uses scientific data, She's able to supply that. but she's also really in tune to the plants and mother earth. So, I don't know, I guess I never really thought about why I trusted her so much. Well, here you go. I trust my intuition. That's it. And my intuition tells me that she's credible. She's a credible wise teacher,

Would you suggest these Synergism capsules to your friends & family?

Marie Janoski: So the question is, would I recommend these products for my family and friends? And the answer is a definite, yes, it's a definite. Yes. There is no question about it that We need to turn toward the plant kingdom to assist us in our navigation of these times, you know, our bodies are being depleted of vital nutrients. And it's time to, to look at the earth and as I say that there's a beautiful hummingbird just sitting up there on the wire looking at me. yeah, turn to mother earth because she has all the answers. And I truly believe that so yes. and my Children, who um are very scientific based, very fact based are open to this slowly but surely, and my husband is as well. So yes, I definitely would recommend these products to my family and friends.

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