Stress Management Day 1

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Muhamed Abu sheikha. Saeed alfalahi. . .

Saeed alfalahi: Thank you very, very much for the training. The training was very useful. We learned so many things and how to overcome so many things. Thank you very much for the training.

Muhamed Abu sheikha: Very nice training and it was very constructive and very active in training. We enjoyed it and we hope to do the

Thank you very much WHY Group for such an informative session. Really it will help us to manage the day to day stress.

A very informative course. Such area, I enjoyed a lot.

Thanks for the wonderful session we attended today. We all really enjoyed a lot. Hopefully, we will attend the same enthusiasm tomorrow aswell. Thank you very much.

Muhamed Abu sheikha: It is interesting in every aspect and it is recommended for everyone.

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