Stress Management-3

March 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: . John Peter Leaño. SUJIT. Kochali Zakir Hussain . Oswald Madtha.

John Peter Leaño: This is a good experience for us because we have learned how to deal and control the stress management. This is actually very recommended with most of the employees, supervisors and other managerial positions to attend this training.

John Peter Leaño: I think this is a very nice training. And with Olivia doing this training, conducting training, it's really very, very convenient. she's open to discussions. she's hoping to all the ideas and he makes everyone involved. Thank you for a very informative training and thank you for a job, well done teaching us. Thank you again.

SUJIT: It was very good experience, very good experience to have this training. I would recommend to all this training. Thank you WHY Training. Thank you very much. Thank you Olivia Thank you.

SUJIT: Yes, recommended to all recommended this training. Everyone, everyone should attend this training to learn how to manage stress in the workplace.

SUJIT: Very engaging training, not boring at all. Kept us engaged very nicely done. Thank you.

Kochali Zakir Hussain : Very nice training stresses, everyone should do it. Thank you Olivia for your usual support. Very nicely. Thank you conducted the training. Thank you.

Kochali Zakir Hussain : Yes, I would recommend to all this training. It teaches us how to manage the stress in the workplace as well as in the life.

Oswald Madtha: It's a very good training. Thank you very much and I will recommend that everybody to come and join these training sessions. Very nice. Enjoyed. Thank you.

Oswald Madtha: Yes, I want to recommend this course to colleagues, especially to my boss to give less stress to me.

Oswald Madtha: Really, this WHY training is really is like giving us not only the training, it's releasing our stress as well as it is like giving a lot of entertainment during the training sessions. We are feeling very nice.

Thank you very much for the course it was stress management. We were able to run a lot of things and we want to thanks for teachers for the final. Thank you. Thank you very much for the training session. SWOT analysis we will definitely apply for day to day, increase our strength and our weakness. And thank you for the stress management courses. One of the best course for the people personality development and how we can manage our day today, even in the official prospect, personally, we can apply all around our life and that's one of the best course and train from the stress management from WHY Training is one of the best. Thank you.

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