servant leadership V2

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mubarak . Abdul Rauf. Kishore Bhatti. . . . Ahmed

This course is very useful for us as working as a servant leader. And for me, the main points are listening to others, empathy, healing awareness. These are the things I learned I want to continue as a servant Leader, and this is one of the platform for us to improve our management skills. And thank you very much for WHY training to provide us as a beautiful session. Thank you very much.

Mubarak : It was a good experience to understand further about my tendency and my team so I can develop my skills and capabilities and achieve higher set targets.

Abdul Rauf: Yeah, this this training is something is a different from other courses very positive.

I would say if you're going to attend this course, just be open to understand how you are yourself, what sort of person you are and how you act. And if you're open to that, then you can actually change the different.

Kishore Bhatti: one of the good training I recommend this to be attended by everyone It helps to understand how you behave and what are the expectations and how you can meet, perform in your day to day Yes, I will also recommend this

This was a very informative course for me from my personal skills and also to develop my team, especially to work on the four tendencies. Sit with my team, look at the different tendencies each team member has got and change at least two or three habits of individual

objective once against. Thanks to Olivia, for all the time and giving us this lovely training, and I fully recommend this cause to all minority members and colleagues. Thank you.

Mubarak : So we are having a lot of activities for brainstorming as well that will give a good impact on understanding the situation as well. Getting more engaged in this session, which is really enjoyable.

Kishore Bhatti: The training is very nicely presented, and the presenter is also very good. We we have clarified all our doubts during the training, so all over the presentation is very good. Thank you.

Ahmed: Happy to attend this course, a lot of information I got.

Ahmed: I recommend this course is to others to get more information and improve their skills.

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