Servant Leadership

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: . Mazhar Aiyub Shaikh. Yazeed Anwar Hasan Yabroudi, Servant Leadership. . RIZWAN WAGHU

Yazeed Anwar Hasan Yabroudi: Good afternoon, I highly recommend the course for servant leadership. You learn about different types of behavior related to leadership. So you know about the questioner, Obliger, upholder and the Rebel and use the serve model. So it's about trusting your team and learning about what triggers other people and to how to build. Support and raport with your team. And I highly recommend it. It's very interactive and enjoyable. So good luck and you know, have fun.

Mazhar Aiyub Shaikh: That's good training was really good and it's really worthy to this training to understand your team members and handle them more effectively, more efficiently to have more productivity, harmony and a good teamwork. I Would recommend this course to all the leaders, existing leaders and the future leaders

RIZWAN WAGHU : My name is Rizwan

RIZWAN WAGHU : the key takeaway from this course is, you know, the different tendencies of the team which are not for the Obliger, Rebel and Questioner, on top of that, it highlights on the

RIZWAN WAGHU : the people example and empowering them and taking the maximum performance from them. So I would recommend this course for my other colleagues and team members to attend. It was excellent, of course, and thank you for watching this session.

video. Very nice course actually.

I mean the course was really engaging with a lot of games and you will learn a lot.

this course Very important for me to supply and support thank you very much.

Yazeed Anwar Hasan Yabroudi: Why training in three words is interactive fun and uh great learning.

RIZWAN WAGHU : Why training is excellent, professional and practical.

Yazeed Anwar Hasan Yabroudi: It stands out because the instructors are knowledgeable and the course material is relevant and it's very, very, very fun really. I can't tell you it's very enjoyable and a lot of latest techniques and materials.

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