Servant Leadership

May 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Abdul latheef malammal. . . . Mohammad Yusuf. Edouard MOFOR . victor paloma

It's a wonderful topic. And the servant leadership is quite useful for all the leaders to become a more sustainable way rather than the, you know, the autocratic mode. So to help me to actually identify as weaknesses and how to identify the team tendencies and how to correct them. Thank you for WHY training. giving a wonderful inputs.

Myself from finance department. So I'm just complete the servant leadership course. The effectiveness of the course is good. I really feel it's much involving for all the three of us and it's good. It's good.

Abdul latheef malammal: Is helpful for us. can improve our job quality.

I think it's a nice, a nice session of leadership and it's a nice presentation and I, I enjoyed a lot here. Thanks for the presentation.

Mohammad Yusuf: Right So today I'm in a Summit Leaders workshop where we are talking about leading, by example, there are several other characteristics which refers to you know, being an active listener. It's really important because you need to ensure that you, you are an active listener, you know, practice empathy um because that helps a lot.

Mohammad Yusuf: I would say the quality of instructor, especially the way they keep you engaged throughout the course.

Edouard MOFOR : I've been always intrigued by the concept of the, it was really an amazing session done by Olivia It was really fantastic and I was very interested by the 4 tendencies types that was really an eye opener for me. I believe that with this learning, it would definitely help me to serve my team in a much better way. Thank you very much.

Edouard MOFOR : Yes, I will be very happy to recommend this session, this training for all type of managers and even colleagues.

Edouard MOFOR : WHY training I think it is about the trainer, the quality of the person engaged for this training. She did a very good job. She kept us engaged and she, she mentioned that everyone is focused and the quality of the material, the quality of the, the training, the depth of what was given and shared was really amazing. So it was a very fun session today. Thank you.

victor paloma: It's a really great experience and then learning about the leader because most of us is practicing aristocratic leader. So having experience and I think I have to, to start practicing these things, especially defining my team. What are the tendencies as a person? Either they can be a older questionnaire or a or an obliger. So with this training, I can say it's, it's a good way to start. It's a good way to enhance my capability as a leader of my maintenance team.

victor paloma: It's a very good training because it's a very attractive training. Everybody has the chance to talk and have to express their what they're inside their mind and what they feel. So our trainer Miss Olivia has give us a chance to express ourselves. So it's a good way. I did not feel any sleepiness even though I sleep late at night. The way also our train or express himself, the way he delivered, the topic is very energetic, very enthusiastic and the way he perform also the facial expression and it's a very good. So I could say it is the training and the trainer is very well recommended. Thank you.

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