December 27, 2023

Video Transcript

It was a great morning today. We were welcomed by WHY training group for this program. It was really nice. The program about RoboRace. We here came to know about our out of box thinking and all. So we feel really happy about that. So every day we think every day we come, we think it is, we learn too much. But when we come here, we come to know that we are learning more and more. So that's what makes us more interested and that will affect our work. Also today, what we learned was totally different. Whenever in our life, we meet robot, we never planned anything like this. So today was a good experience. And as a part of the team, I was building the robot and my colleagues, they were constructing the program and we were coding it. We went here and there, but at the part we achieved the target and that was really fun loving. So I would encourage everyone who is watching this one. They should go for this training because every day it's more learning. Yes, I enjoy. I learned about solar, sun, solar plus that will make a faster and more, more technologies. It's like like experience for me hopefully. And really, I like it and many, many technology technique style how you can make like something new for future. So especially by solar, more and more technology, I like that. We enjoy assembling a robot with my team. different idea came to our mind to build a robot so far, the skills that you have set for us. It was also fun and we've all taken responsibilities trying to create something and come up with ideas. So it was fun. It's a fun experience so far. It's really, you know, I'm enjoying a lot with my team, especially for with this program. It's great to have and I'm getting a lot of things to learn. It was a great morning today. Today we were having the event for the Roborace. We have built a robot from, we got some like items from the team and we have like assembled them and prepared the robots. Then we have, we have done coding for that one. It was really fun. We got some new team members there today. So I like how they are adapting us or we are like accepting them actually really enjoying and challenging. Also, we are doing this kind of thing for the first time and also from the last session, we made many mistakes and now we are learning from those mistakes and we are trying to not to repeat those things. So actually, the team is very cooperative and everyone is very much interested to do this task. And last time we just missed the price. So this time, we are like, we want to price this time. So we just make the pass by the different team and we work on great and the robotics and we learned it was nice to assemble robots and program them with our team. And each, team member has a role to do. It was perfect. It was very nice. It is one of the most amazing experience I had And his is the first time I did it. Robot And one more thing I need to thank WHY group because the way they have explained the things in such a way, it is easy for the people to understand what is the plan to check it. And the way we need to communicate to the people, we need to participate with the team, our team members. And we need to align with our goal. That is a more main objective and with that purpose, we came across a race and we win the race. That is the most amazing part. And we enjoyed this regarding today's session. It was, it was really great team work. It was a great teamwork. Plus we had to put in our brains too much. So, calculations and programming and other stuff. So it was well taken care of an individual like me, I'm basically an introvert. So when it comes to programs like this, I get to open up, I start speaking to people. So all, all together the session was quite great.

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