Mastering Radical Candour

April 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Fredrick kofi Amihere. Muhammed faisal . Charles omoding . Laxmikant Atale. . Jonathan Lofranco . nouf & arwa. .

Fredrick kofi Amihere: I have learned a lot how to appreciate, how to give feedback at the point. It was very helpful today. I am very, very happy to be here and I really appreciate you. Thank you.

Fredrick kofi Amihere: I would like to recommend this journey to my colleagues. It's very helpful.

Fredrick kofi Amihere: I haven't done any training yet, but my first time training is very good and I've learned much about it and the trainer was very good in explaining things to us.

Muhammed faisal : This training is definitely different from other training. Like this good relation between colleagues, make a good relationship. So it is a nice compared to other things.

Charles omoding : today's session. I really appreciate the trainer and I'm happy with the training that I have benefited a lot about appreciating my colleagues about the positive feedback. And I am happy this will help me to post my knowledge at work. Thank you. I appreciate every time.

Charles omoding : The WHY training has been so helpful and useful and I hope it will help work more better in future.

Laxmikant Atale: it was an awesome course. That trainer was very informative,

Laxmikant Atale: This WHY training is very important because all other technical trainings have improve our skills. But this fire training is important for to use the scheme in the proper way in all the situations. That's very important. Thank you.

Great. It is very helpful and I appreciate the course. Very good. Thank you very much.

Jonathan Lofranco : definitely. I would recommend it to my colleagues or to anybody. It's really a good training and it will help, help you develop your personality and especially if you want to improve yourself as an individual or as, as an employee.

nouf & arwa: I enjoy this very much. It was very engaging.

nouf & arwa: Yes, I would definitely recommend this 1st may have and how to give constructive criticism and accept feedback as well. which is very important when dealing with our line managers and other committees.

nouf & arwa: There are many activities we will engage. we enjoy a lot.

Yes, my name is and I really appreciate to attend this course. And really it's helpful for us as a team leader and we can able to achieve what is our target and goal to deliver to the employees. We are working to be patient with how we conduct our task along with my colleague.

Hello, good morning. I attended this Radical Candour course and this course is very helpful to me and it will help me in many ways. Thank you for this course.

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