Essential Leadership Testimonials

February 23, 2023

Video Transcript

What was your biggest takeaway from the journey?

and learning process. I enjoyed working as a team and observe the effect of collaboration and how team effort can lead to successful outcomes. Looking back at my videos at the start of the program I consider myself a new person with all the knowledge, skills and confidence I developed throughout the program I gained more knowledge on the importance of communication and what can go wrong when communicating with others. I learned that my communications skills are good as I'm a good listener and always encourage others to share their ideas with me during the program.

there are lots of skills that I learned. The most things that we focused on was the leadership skills and communication skills, which benefit me lots. I also learned how to put an actual plan and being able to identify and coming out, coming up with my own goals by learning that I will be able to bring more to the organization and benefit when it comes to the,

That has been for the last four weeks. It was a great journey. We learned a lot. We enjoyed a lot and we came with new skills, we improved existing skills. Let's talk about communication skills for example. I think this is the main thing that happened communication skills for me personally. Now it's easy for me to to get along with people to communicate comfortably.

I have learned new things about myself and some characteristics that I have as well, identified my strength weaknesses and to focus on improving them, such as working on improving my presentation skills by looking at the different videos provided and looking at the information and the different tips and rules to use as for the strength. I have discovered that I'm a good, I'm good at listening and I showed good active listening while talking to other people as well as well as showing body language postures, which I didn't notice that before. Also I have learned which type of innovator I am the artist and which side of my brain is activated more, which is the right side and this will help me more in my design working field to know which which type of a person I am and where my focus is also.

So all of the topics we've taken honestly they're communicating with impact, active listening presentation skills that was like the recap of the first week and in the second week I learned how to provide good customer service for my customers and how to be productive in my work and as well as how to take accountability and work in general whether it's on my level or on my colleagues level. And then the third week I learned more about emotional intelligence and how to control my emotions. I also learned about adaptability and resilience and that was like one of my favorite topics. And the the last the last skill that I learned in the third week was agile mindset and self leadership. These two, these two skills have really built me up.

thank you to all of my trainers for helping me reach this point and I'm so proud to be here on this stage. And also I'm looking forward to learn and more and develop myself to become an active and effective employee

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