DWTC - Think Different

June 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: ahmed al qubaisi. Shamma Alkhumais. . . . Binu Gopinath. . Sundar Prasad khatiwada

Sundar Prasad khatiwada: The training which we had today was relevant to our daily work. And it gave us a lot of ideas and it opened a lot of doors and windows to think in a different way and helped us. And definitely we will implement this to our work and bring some changes in our daily work life.

First of all, I need to highlight that, we had an amazing time during this training, these two days of training. the instructor was amazing. She delivered all, topics in a very nice way, although some of us are familiar with some of the topics, but, it was never delivered in this way, especially with the interactive games, the information delivered, the way they're delivered, the way they were presented to us, everything was amazing. I'm very sure that I'm gonna use all of what I learned in my current job and I'm very confident it's going to benefit me in, in my daily job routine or even if it's not a routine and, even if it's not at work.

Hi. the training was really like, you know, really interesting and very knowledgeable. And we learned many people got positiveness from the training. It was really interesting. The trainer, the training content and everything was really, you know, It's really I would suggest my colleagues also to go for this training - Think Different!

Binu Gopinath: It was a nice training attended for the last two days and which is a Think Different, which I will learn, think out of the box, not in the barriers. If we have any problems, we can think out of the box and sort it out the issues. Either we, we will have a team, team coordination, team work, or highlight to the management and find out the best solution to solve the problems. This point can be like implementing our daily routine jobs and and, and, and our own life itself.

This is from Dubai World Trade Center. I was enrolled in a training for creative thinking. It was really beneficial. I enjoyed it for two days. It was, and the instructor Olivia was great. Lots of energy she had and really enjoyed the time with the team. It's really helpful on how to tackle problems in the workplace and how to work with the team members and understand their way of thinking how creative they are and how to make them creative, to know themselves and the several hats they are using and the characters each person has. It's really, really I really enjoyed.

We had a very interesting and interactive session and this is definitely recommended to everyone as it will be helpful in decision making, ideas, generating and managing different people with different traits. Our trainer was amazing. She was very engaging and interactive and we were not bored for a second.

Shamma Alkhumais: The training was so interesting and also the way the trainers is explaining, it keeps us like to pay, to pay more attention to what she's saying. And I like the most thing that I like is the activities. It keeps you like more active and you get the idea directly.

ahmed al qubaisi: In the course, everything was covered to the point. at times we had a bit of fun and games and the course as well at the same time to make the course understandable and enjoyable for everyone here. Anything we were not sure about was covered in such a way where everyone had, undivided attention from the trainer and it was very successful, I think overall and every day was a new day with excitement for the next day and the content of the course which we really enjoyed over the two days.

Sundar Prasad khatiwada: this course will help many other colleagues at work and create a different work environment. Definitely, I would recommend this to my other colleagues as well.

Shamma Alkhumais: Usually the training is more like a lecture kind of training which makes it like a bit, I don't want to say boring but you feel like sometimes you're not interested about but in this one, it was more interesting because of the way how they handle it by using like, activities and something that we can be, more engaged with.

ahmed al qubaisi: The training had a bit of fun with it and it wasn't like a whole block where you were given a lot of information at the same time and it was very different.

Sundar Prasad khatiwada: Why training is different than other training. Because what I found personally was completely different, more engaging. There is a lot of interaction between colleagues and facilitator. And there were a lot of documents were provided for us to understand and learn and do practical activities to get more knowledge. So yes, definitely different than other training courses.

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