Essential Leadership Testimonials

February 23, 2023

Video Transcript

What was your biggest takeaway from the journey?

my journey with WHY training program in the past four weeks. It was a tough program yet, it was very helpful. We really gain new knowledge and skills and insightful information that will really help us to navigate our way and our department and in our upcoming roles. In addition of it really helped me to enhance many skills that I already have or already had. It's polished my skills such as presentation skills, we did a lot of presenting that really helped me to be more confident and less nervous, an addition that also brought me closer

This program was definitely redefined how I feel like about short term courses for example, because we had as for a whole month, we've really were, we really were able to I myself was able to learn so much throughout this course of one month only. I've learned so many things, leadership, things about leadership, personal branding, how to communicate with customers. I feel like the courses were really structured in a way to help you absorb all the information.

so far? So I would give the example of the first day that we entered the room, we did not speak to each other, it was very awkward, we couldn't work with one another and look at us, look at us today, we're all working at hand in hand, we are not afraid to start a conversation with a stranger, we don't mind working with anyone in a group. So I think three minutes will not do justice to only this question Like this question will take me more than 10 minutes to discuss because I've learned so many skills in my entire life I had never come across. So in week one we looked at developing

overall it was a great experience. I learned many skills and all the courses we talk every week. We learned one or two skills that that is needed in the workplace such as self developing, communication and presentation skills, productivity, customer service, service, accountability, mindset, emotional intelligence and leadership plus personal branding and each topic. I learned many new things and skills such as what analysis the rule of three

overall. It was an it was truly an amazing and interesting journey. I got the chance to meet new people and learn how to improve my skills as well as gaining skills that will help me in both personal and work life.

the teamwork. We have learned a lot of skills around the month like presentation skills and being attention to body language and communication skills, accountability and to be resilience productivity

Being creative and having creative decisions, problem solving emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence Teamwork meaning in eventually and to understand my personal brand also

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