Agthia Testimonials

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Could you describe your experience of the training?

Hello, everyone just wanted to uh leave uh testimonial feedback for Olivia for the train, the trainer, uh she delivered a wonderful engaging three day training. So it's not easy to deliver a three day training, but uh she definitely made it seem effortless. Um And uh uh she was able to bring us all together uh many activities uh created that space in the training room uh for us to uh to feel like uh we can bond together, we can learn together. Uh And it's not easy to maintain that um uh that space for everybody and facilitate it in a way that's positive and engaging. And at the same time, uh informative, so well done Olivia, I just wanted to share that feedback and I hope to uh I hope to uh attend to more of your trainings in the future.

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