Agile Mindsets & Agile Conversations

May 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Peter Leaño

John Peter Leaño: The training was very very exciting, there's no boring moments. It's very educational. We have learned so much, as what we expected because we know miss Olivia to be a happy, jolly person. She makes understanding the training very easy. For us this training is required to improve our performance in the company, particularly with topics of communications and conversations with different levels of management. Thank you for a job well done.

Abdul Rauf : Very positive feedback for this training, and this is a very good session for everyone, especially to build the team and teamwork. Very nice environment, was very nice and very essential for everyone.

PRANAB Deb : Hi Friends. We all enjoyed our Agile conversation training course by Olivia. It was a very pleasant learning experience. We have learned the different modes of communication, the different steps of how to create an agile conversation. Thank you.

Ali: It was a good training, we enjoyed it!

Mohammad AlRamahi: We had a lovely training, Thank you.

Manoj kumar: Afternoon. My name is Manoj, I have attended this Agile conversation training today in training center by trainer Olivia. This training is very fruitful and lots of awareness about Agile conversations in our life and our work and at home. We can improve a lot by different tips and tricks given on this training will help us to improve our productivity. Lots of techniques and tools have been given in this training and that's really recommendable. I would like to recommend some other of my colleagues to attend this training. Some of the sound may be coming behind

Manoj kumar: once again It's a very nice course and I will recommend everyone to attend. This is really very productive, Thank you very much.

PRANAB Deb : I would like to recommend my colleagues also for attending this course, because it really feels interesting and it changes our views of approach when we get stuck, how to instruct the situation. Thank you.

Unnikrishnan TP: Thank you very much. Very good trainer. Nice learning experience Thank you very much. She kept us engaged over the day and never had time to get bored. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Asma Almulla : It was a Lovely training! The best!

Madhu Mohan: Uh this is a wonderful course, I'm sure that I can apply many of these learning points in my day to day work. Thank you so much for this, wonderful.

Ali: Was very interactive, the presenter was really good at presenting very good trainer.

Manoj kumar: Engagement of the training with the trainers and other colleagues around us so it is a very great training!

PRANAB Deb : The training was quite involving one and each and every member of the training team were actively participating in it and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

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