Collaboration at Work

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Baskar Krishnamoorthy

Collaboration at work is a nice training and the instructors have a very good command.

I want to highlight number one that, like our instructor says that the strongest chain have the same strength as a weak link. That's one other thing that we can all together, we can win win situation. Number two that if someone is struggling to complete their tasks within the team, we should help them because as one team we can shine. you know that my individual things will be highlighted as a team. It's it's a nice training,

if this training may be split out in two days or more than 7.5 hours. Thank you!

jimut mishra: This training has helped me a lot. This is highly recommended for my colleagues, as it will give you immense pleasure to understand how a person can excel by working in a team. Thank you.

It was a very, very useful training for us and I can all the information i learnt in my job. Thank you!

Shyju : This training is really useful to organize the team in necessary to get the job done through the safe.

Collaboration has taught me so many things, working together as a team has motivated me and I've learned so many things about working with your boss and I can also add at this with my colleagues and their way of working. It's helpful, when learn about it, you can know the ways of communication learn how to plan your job, you can learn to listen to the managers and do the work what they give you in time.

This is a good training

jimut mishra: WHY Training group is definitely special because they have very dedicated delivery people who delivered, Those giving the class. they are professional and their course material is really just right. So it is a nice experience to have a training class with WHY training. Thank you.

Concepts of the training are very clear, so it is a very different kind of training compared to other trainings,

Shyju : Actually through this training we came to know how this this collaboration can be applied in the work.

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