Communication & Influencing

May 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: . Sasmit Ingle. Muhammad Tariq . Manpreet singh . Dub07450. Chiranjibi. Muhammad Zubair. Kaushik Saha. Roland G. Perez. Faisal. Nawaz khan

Roland G. Perez: This training, help us improve our communication and influancing by working together the different, the different personalities that we have.

We enjoy it and we understand so many things.

Sasmit Ingle: I really like the video and the presenter was more with exceptional knowledge and she was elaborating on the aspects of the communication and influencing the people. Thank you so much.

Sasmit Ingle: It was a very interactive session with the games and role play. So it was more interesting than boring session like others.

Muhammad Tariq : Very good training and we learn a lot and as well as we enjoy a lot and our engagement is 100% a very good trainer from the WHY training Thank you.

Muhammad Tariq : Yes, we would like to recommend this course to learn different types of colleagues in a working environment that will help to recognize how to communicate for these people.

Muhammad Tariq : Engagement was very good in the training material and the different exercise, what we did in the classroom. It's amazing with the fun it's amazing.

Manpreet singh : The training was very useful and quite interesting and it is very helpful for me. Thank you very much.

Manpreet singh : trainings with so many groups. So this was my first time to attend WHY training. So it was very good and helpful. Thank you.

Dub07450: The training is very nice and the time frame which is given it is absolutely correct. So I think this training will help a lot of us in our daily life to do the things within a time frame and in a perfect manner as per the company policy and procedures following the S O P and T R. Thank you.

Dub07450: Definitely, I will refer this training to my friends because this training tell us how to do the work in a team and different people have different ideas and how to these ideas can be utilized. And it will help a lot of us to in future with different type of people which are in other department to do the jobs with the team work within time frame. Thank you.

Chiranjibi: this course was quite helpful for me.

Muhammad Zubair: The session was very good, very entertaining. We entertained all over the session.

Kaushik Saha: Today's session was very informative. Thank you.

Faisal: Training was really wonderful. Enjoy full day of this training No boring, was amazing, fully entertain us all the the full details and recommend this training to my colleagues also. Thank you.

Nawaz khan: It help us to communicate effectively within our organization to get better.

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