Communicating with Impact and Influence 2

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: sureshnath. Aqillah Nasir. Jan Lester Modina. . Muhammad Majid. Tapas.

Jan Lester Modina: Well for me, having been trained with WHY training for multiple times, they stand out because of the way they do the training, especially more fun doing making letting us feel how does the subject work in real life? So we make scenarios out of during our training and we spoke about what of our learnings during those scenarios that we completed.

The session was interested and we really like it was helpful and we learned so many things like how to understand each other, how to communicate with the others and thank you so much.

Aqillah Nasir: Yes, I would highly recommend. Especially for I believe managers will be good for them. Also good for the graduate trainees. So they will know how to work in a team because especially their fresh graduates so they should, you know, coming out from school, they should be able to communicate with different team members. So it was a very, very good course.

Muhammad Majid: training was it was quite interactive. We all of us don't feel bored any point of moment during these 8.5 hours. Quite interactive. Very interesting, very useful for our day to eat the communications. And I would really recommend everybody to attend this training. There's a great platform to improve your communication skills, especially to learn which box or category you fall into and just to understand about others and then try to interact with them according to their personalities, their boxes. So it's it's quite amazing training.

Tapas: And I attended this training sessions went on very well. I understood different personalities and I respect that different types of people will be there in this world and this world is beautiful because there are different types of people in this world and we need to treat people with respect. I feel there are two things one is treating people with respect. And the second thing I believe is I've been in the joan of triangle, focused towards the orientation, result, orientation. I need to change my focus towards, being a bit more kind to the people while treating with them. Thank you very much. Very nice. Very nice Inside. Thank you.

It was a pleasure to join this training, where it's helped me to understand my own communication skills or my communication mythology, and also they need to understand others and how to communicate with others as well.

sureshnath: The content is very good right to the point and making understanding of the strike to the very quiet courses Thank you.

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