communicating with Impact and influence

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Unnikrishnan . Aqillah Nasir. Mubarak . Faisal. . Khatera. .

It was a very interesting course I recommend that you want to attend In this course I learned about my personality, my character, the best way of communication that suits me as well as I understood that I need to learn about my team members characteristic in order to be able to communicate in a manner that we can all agree without. we can all agree without any barriers as well as to reach the goals and the target right in time.

Aqillah Nasir: The course is very eye opening. You learn a lot about the other person's character, especially how you're going to work with different team members. So it will help with better communication and probably better goals for which is, you know, strategies and stuff. It was a really good course.

Faisal: it was interesting to attend this course let me discover more about my personality and a better way of communication.

It's a very very good thing, a different type of people that are set of type of people there in the around you. So you have to identify which kind of people are there are they? And how to we have with different kinds of people, how to set the agenda and how to get the work done in the benefit of company, in the benefit of business and your success. So it is very, very learning session. And I recommend all my colleagues to attend this. Thank you.

Khatera: My experience in the course was very good because I got to know different personalities, different people also the way that I should try my just to communicate with them, how I really like to be communicated with.

I just attended the WHY training for this communicating communication and for the impact on this. And it is very interesting. and the MS who have Teached us regarding, regarding the communication and the way how we have to shape our communication. It is very interesting and we have learned a lot of things. So I recommend everybody to just go with WHY training. Okay, thank you.

Mubarak : it was enjoyable to attend this training. I think everyone should attend this one to have better communication skills and develop yourself to be a better personality according to your type, Good luck.

Aqillah Nasir: The trainers are very interactive, very fun, very engaging. So I think that helps a lot, so it's not dry, it's a lot of interaction. Really like it. Thank you.

Unnikrishnan : Yeah, the training methods are very innovative and very helpful for to understand the people, how, how they are needs to reveal themselves. That's that's what I found.

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