Collaboration at Work V2

February 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Faisal. Rafiah Al Hashemi. Baskar Krishnamoorthy. . . . .

Hi. We always talk about collaboration, but how does it work? I just came to know today through Olivia. It was a fantastic course, and I'm going to use this collaboration methods, the tips from the training to my everyday role. Thank you.

Faisal: My name is Harry Service. These courses was very benefit to us, so I recommended my collogues to attend this collaboration at work so we can implement it.

Faisal: how we empower our team and make their performance up 200% and collaboration with the team colleagues so we can achieve the target.

Rafiah Al Hashemi: I found this course is very excellent. I'm advising our colleagues to attend this course.

Baskar Krishnamoorthy: thank you for this opportunity for this training. It is really helpful for me. Before I know one leader conflict. Not only come to know what are the conflicts? What are those resolutions? It is very useful for me. Thank you so much.

from the reduction maintenance discourse is very useful to collaborate with each department to get the desired output. Thank you so much.

I like this session, so will teach me how to develop myself, develop my team, how to exercise cooperation between my team and my manage so I can plan everything accordingly. Thanks.

I've learned very many things about conflict complex has very many things for today's session has been the best of what I've attended. So should be organized for us more session for this, for this

training. So thank you very much.

Thank you so much for the session of today. I've learned a lot how to manage to have to manage other conflicts of problem solving. It has been so wonderful. So I encourage colleagues also from different departments, also to come and attend the course.

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