Coaching with NLP v2

February 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Vinay Patel. Nadia Brima . . . . Mohammed Saad

Mohammed Saad: This training and just active, it's a very active and very interesting and there's many task and material and that we share with each other. So that's make different turning that's active. Active. You will not feel boring because too much active.

Mohammed Saad: training and we understand how we communicate with different people and how we share the information, so thank you.

How the program look excellent coaching in the n l n l p and we have our,

This was very informative training session, very interactive and I hope to put it into coaching my coaching in different ways to resolve the issues, help them guide them and cause them all. The training session was very informative and very helpful.

you had a nice session with N L P training. It was a great training. Thank you.

Nadia Brima : Very informative, very good training, Thank you very much, I recommend it for all.

Vinay Patel: It's Fabulous.

Vinay Patel: Thank You so much!

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