Accountability at the Workplace

May 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: SAIFULLAH KHAN. Mohammed Matin khan . Mariappan Balamurugan . Vignesh. Faisal. . Krishna Kumar

Vignesh: Accountability in the workplace. That course was good. And I hope this will help me in the workplace to improve myself in that. Thank you. I recommend definitely for my friends.

Mariappan Balamurugan : this course is really, really good. And we learned a lot about the accountability and how to face the problem, how to explain the problem. Everything was very good and very useful course. This weekend, we can, we can implement on routine job in our shopfloor activities and the train is so nice.

Mariappan Balamurugan : Yes, we recommend to our colleagues. This is a really useful and we start with and everyone should know their accountability and their responsibilities. So we will recommend this.

SAIFULLAH KHAN: We recommended for our colleagues. There's good, good training.

Mohammed Matin khan : really. This training is very, very needful and grateful and benefit because we understand we just,

Mariappan Balamurugan : So many resources has been made and they used for this and the activities in between the trainings are very good compared to other trainings. So it will never allow us to sleep. So we back and we enjoyed the training process.

Faisal: The conversation of course was very good. Yeah, learn lots of things. And from this one, how you learn how to overcome and how to face problem. And I'm recommending this to my colleagues also. Thank you.

Faisal: All the trainings are good, but this is more accountability and conversation is to face the problem.

center. So it was a very useful training. I will suggest to my colleague, I will suggest to my colleagues to get this training also because this is very informative and improve my knowledge and experience through uh my job activity tanks.

Krishna Kumar: Thank you for this nice training session. Now I can differentiate responsibility accountability and thank you for this opportunity.

Krishna Kumar: The trainer is well aware about the questions and she answered all the questions arising between the training. Thanks for that.

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