Why I Applied to Become a GMF: Reagan Page

February 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Reagan Page, US-2 Serving in Washington State

Why did you apply to become a GMF?

Reagan Page: I applied to become a GMF because I was really interested in social justice issues. And I was just looking for things that kind of let me go further into that and do that. So I had applied for Peace Corps, but you know, I wasn't sure what I wanted and eventually talked to my pastor who had just talked about the injustices in the prison system in Mozambique, which I was like ready to talk more about, go into. And he was like, you should really look into this program.

Reagan Page: And as I ended up applying and talking more and more with people in the program, I could see that it was very much mission working towards positive impact, social justice for those who need it and are experiencing injustices and working with communities instead of for them, which I think is really awesome.

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