Why I Applied to Global Mission Fellows: Becca Baughman

November 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Becca Baughman, US-2 Serving in Tampa, FL

Why did you apply to become a GMF?

Becca Baughman: The short version of why I applied to be a GMF is because God called me to be here and I felt God's presence leading me in that direction. The longer version is that I graduated college and I just didn't know what the next steps were. I felt this call to social justice work. I felt this call into ministry, but I wasn't sure what that looks like and what that meant.

Becca Baughman: And so I applied, and I got it, and just the, the really, the big call for me and the thing that drew me the most to the program was this intertwining of social justice and ministry.

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