Dr. Will Leffler-Testimonial for Whiteboard Marketing

October 17, 2023

Creekside Family Dental partners with Whiteboard Marketing for dental marketing services and briefly talks about his experience with our reputable dental marketing agency.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Creekside Family Dental , Will Leffler, DDS

Dr. Leffler! Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Creekside Family Dental : Hello, my name is Will Leffler. I am a dentist here in Gahanna, Ohio. I own Creekside Family Dental. I've been in practice for 12 years and I've owned my practice for eight. we just had our eighth anniversary on October 5th.

Please describe your relationship with Whiteboard Marketing and how it differs from previous marketing companies...

Creekside Family Dental : I heard about Whiteboard Marketing through uh the Paragon Program. Sean White was at a meeting I attended through Paragon and I heard some good things that they had to say about how they can make a comprehensive marketing plan for me. So I decided to work with them. They're different from other marketing companies and the fact that they can customize your needs for you. It's not just a one size fits all kind of marketing plan like I had seen with other companies. they are able to talk about your needs, make a plan and execute it. I've seen a lot of new patients from them and when I was with another company or another marketing company, I just didn't really see good quality patients coming in the door. And with Whiteboard, I was able to see higher volume of new patients and also ones that want the services that we provide.

Do you feel Whiteboard Marketing has had a positive impact on your practice, and why?

Creekside Family Dental : Yes, I feel like the Whiteboard Marketing plan has been positively impacting our practice. We had decided to change our insurance involvement and in doing so, we were able to replace the lost patients that we went through in doing that change. Whiteboard has been able to get us the patients we needed to be sustaining our practice as we decided to move in a fee for service direction.

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