Kevin Fisher - Whistle Client Testimonials

May 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Fisher, COO, Rezdy

Why do you enjoy working with Whistle?

Kevin Fisher: Why do we enjoy working with Whistle? Well, as a pure inbound business for pretty much our whole existence, Whistle has allowed us to expand our sales capabilities economically and with a strong caliber of sales resources in the Whistle team. It gives us an opportunity to reach new customer types and those who may have never heard of us yet anyway. And it means we get the added benefit of brand awareness through this partnership and lastly, their ability to help improve our data capture on new sales opportunities coming through our leads list with their data team.

What key results have you seen since we started working together?

Kevin Fisher: Maybe no surprise. But our main focus is getting new sales through our pipeline. We're really focused on driving demos, through to our sales team and introductions to new customers that we may have never reached. As a secondary focus, we're also excited to track and increase traffic to our website, and that gives us better global awareness, as we're looking at driving further inbound leads in the future.

What makes our partnership successful?

Kevin Fisher: I think what makes our partnership successful with the Whistle team is really the people there. David and the team are always open to feedback. They're available to lend a hand when we're thinking through new strategies and focus of our campaigns. And we do regular feedback exercises. And and really it's the openness to learn more and more about our business, what makes us successful and then implement that in their strategies.

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