Avichai C. Tenenbaum for Whistle Client Testimonials

November 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Avichai C. Tenenbaum, Marketing Manager, qbiq

Why do you enjoy working with Whistle?

Avichai C. Tenenbaum: Once we started working together with Whistle, we felt that they have our backs from the beginning. If Whistle helps startups - we're a startup. So it feels like you have like a jet engine that's strapped to your back. And the second we started working, we felt that the team Bron and whoever we spoke with was amazing and extremely professional and had insights and always have insights and are on a continuous mode of what you would expect from an in house team actually. So yeah if the question is, if I enjoy - so, I extremely enjoy working with Whistle and, if it's why, because the team is extremely dedicated, smart, enthusiastic, funny friendly.

What key results have you seen since we started working together?

Avichai C. Tenenbaum: Since we started working with Whistle, we have an increase in demo calls, of course in brand awareness. Before we started working with Whistle, everything was based on opportunity. I feel like, you know, if we had a good week it would be a few demo calls, if you had a bad week, there were no demo calls. I guess the key result like, the main key result is that we managed to establish a system that works and speaks together and is happy with each other and really, really great.

What makes our partnership successful?

Avichai C. Tenenbaum: I think the answer is people. Like of course, there's the professionalism side and the experience and all those things that are very much important. But we feel an extreme amount of dedication, of mutual faith of true belief in the product.

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