Califfe Gold - Employee Testimonials

July 25, 2022

Califfe describes his experience working at Whistle

Video Transcript

Speaker: Califfe Gold, Sales Development Representative, Whistle

What is your favorite part of your role and the team at Whistle?

Califfe Gold: Well, my favorite thing about my role at Whistle is the, the fact that I get to speak to potentially so many people in a day, although we're in the sales role, we still get the chance to connect with human beings at the end of the day and Whistle's processes give us the chance, especially within their script writing. And script design gives us the chance to, have a two way dialogue with our potential clients and I love that, I love that about Whistle. What I love about the team is that we're so responsive and we're so able to help everybody else and it happens as you say something, you get helped and so you do the same and it really feels like it's tight knit community and it doesn't matter what growth there is within the company, that community aspect is always still there.

What stands out to you about the culture at Whistle?

Califfe Gold: There's no other way to say it except for the vibe to use a colloquial term. We certainly have this air about us that makes us so motivated and amped to do our job at the ground roots level when it comes to SDR work. We seriously get up every single day excited. And that's because the culture at Whistle promotes this healthy kind of lifestyle and happy kind of lifestyle that there is support whenever you need it. And so I love that and I think that stands out above any other company that I've worked with in my experience in the working world. And it's a very rare occasion that you get to experience that as an employee or as another human in a corporate organization and that is seriously good for motivation.

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