Zachary Gosling for Whisky Investment UK Video Testimonials

April 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zachary Gosling

Describe your experience with our sales process. Were you given ample time for due diligence?

Zachary Gosling : Hello, my name is Zach. I'm 23 years old. I wanted to talk to you about Whisky Investment UK and about the conversation me and Darren had before my purchasing of the cask talking to Darren via email as we arranged a time to go meet with each other. Let's have a sit down and have a chat. I wanted to, obviously, there's lots of questions regarding your first investment that you've done. So I wanted to talk to him about information within the whisky investing world and the sort of percentage and profits that I can see with the types of casks that I'd be investing into. After having a chat with Darren, I found it was very useful to have that chat because I learned a lot from him. And in the understanding of how the investment world worked, I learned different areas of Scotland with the different types of whisky and the age to increase pricing and how long I wanted to hold it for. After me and Darren had a chat, I read, read through all the information again that I was given from him going over everything and making sure it was something that I wanted to put my money into. So I did my due diligence to check everything again and I was more than happy to proceed with Darren and the purchase of my cask I couldn't recommend it higher.

Do you feel confident about the storage and safety of your cask?

Zachary Gosling : Regarding the storage and safety of the casks that you invest into. They're held up in Scotland in the war in the distillery warehouses themselves. So in regards of the safety aspect of it, if someone is able to break in and pick the cask up and carry it away, then it's highly unlikely a theft is going to happen. But obviously your cask are insured anyway. So that sort of thing will be covered by your insurance. Um That's also something that whisky investment UK provide. That's not something you have to sort for yourself. Obviously, if you are a big whisky investor anyway, and you have all your tasks in one place, that's something that you can do. Other than that, I found it really stress free and easy to let Darren and the team handle it all. I know where the cask is and I know who, what distillery it's being stored in. I don't have to worry. It's all handled for you.

Would you recommend Whisky Investment UK to your friends and family?

Zachary Gosling : After purchasing my cask from Darren Whisky Investment UK, I have recommended them to a few friends and family members of mine to say that it was something that they should consider if they wanted to. I also highlight the fact that it doesn't matter the sort of entry you want to invest at whether it would be a low cost barrel or a high end well known brand it. And anything in between, there's so many different options for you to invest into that you can really sit down for quite a while and just have a look and see what it is that you fancy doing. Um Not only that I can safely say that I actually have also persuaded my mum to invest into it because of all the profit margins and the the profits you will see from your returns. And I think that's saying something because she never listens to me.

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