What Every West Virginian Needs to Know about the Medicaid Unwind

December 04, 2023

West Virginians who have lost their Medicaid health insurance during the unwind may be eligible for a low cost plan through the marketplace. Call 1-844-WV-CARES to get free enrollment assistance now!

Video Transcript

What Should West Virginians Know about the Medicaid Unwind?

I'm Ellen Allen, Executive Director of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care. 118,000 West Virginians have lost their health care coverage during the Medicaid unwind, including thousands of children. And that's an average of 13,000 West Virginians every single month. That's a stunning amount of our friends, neighbors and people in our community. But you know, help is only a phone call away. If you find yourself without health insurance there are people ready to assist you on free enrollment. Call 1-844-WV-CARES. You know, meaningful health insurance is really essential to leading a productive, secure and healthy life and open enrollment in the ACA continues through January 15th. Give WV CARES a call and they will give you a hand.

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