Meet Executive Director Ellen Allen!

October 30, 2023

Meet West Virginians for Affordable Health Care's new Executive Director, Ellen Allen!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ellen Allen

Ellen Allen : Important to you. I'm Ellen Allen. I'm a lifelong West Virginian and I have, uh I'm so delighted to be with West Virginians for affordable health care. I've seen throughout my career and nonprofit work and my time as a small business owner and even previously, the difference that health care can make in one's life. And I'm delighted that I can help advance better health care for more West Virginians.

What does it mean to bring a "consumer voice" to health care"?

Ellen Allen : At West Virginians for Affordable Health Care We understand that public policy should be informed by real people and that's what we do. We talk to everyday West Virginians about the barriers they see in access to their health care. So we take that information, we talk to lawmakers and we do our best to inform public policies. So more West Virginians have access to better health care.

What is the health care coverage gap and how do we address it?

Ellen Allen : I'm curious if, if this will sound familiar to you. I I know two or three dozen people that have received promotions at work and they no longer are eligible for Medicaid because they make too much. Their employer doesn't provide health insurance and the marketplace, even with great enhanced subsidies, they still can't quite afford the the copay or coinsurance. So, what West Virginians for affordable health care would like to see is eventually a continuum of care where every West Virginian is covered with really good health care. And we're looking at filling that gap in coverage that cliff where people come off of Medicaid. We believe a basic health plan or bridge plan is the answer to, to that problem. You know where um there's an excellent

How can people support WVAHC's policy work and get involved themselves?

Ellen Allen : I hope you'll look at our link on Facebook, West Virginians for affordable health care and reach out to us and show your story. You can really make a difference.

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