FREE Health Insurance Helpline for West Virginians!

November 08, 2023

The West Virginia Navigator program is a free service that helps West Virginians chose a marketplace plan that fits their health care needs and their budget.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mariah Plante

Mariah Plante: Hi, my name is Mariah Plante. I live in Wyoming County, West Virginia and I just got health insurance.

Mariah Plante: If you haven't heard the open enrollment period for marketplace health insurance is happening right now. Now through January 17th, you can purchase a 2024 health insurance plan by visiting the ACA marketplace at healthcare.gov.

Mariah Plante: Now, if you've ever tried going through this process before, you know that it can be overwhelming. It's hard to know that you're getting the best value plan for your family's needs. That's where the West Virginia Navigator program comes in.

Mariah Plante: Navigators provide totally free enrollment assistance to any West Virginian who needs it. My appointment was over the phone and took less than 40 minutes. It was really helpful for me to have an expert on the other end of the line who could walk me through my options and help me choose a plan that fit my needs and my budget.

Mariah Plante: Recent policy improvements and enhanced subsidies have made marketplace coverage more affordable than ever before. Most West Virginians will be able to find a plan for as little as $10 a month.

Mariah Plante: All marketplace plans are guaranteed to cover certain services like prescription drugs, emergency care and hospitalizations, preventative care and more other plans like the one that I chose also cover dental and vision benefits.

Mariah Plante: If you're like me and you put off going to the doctor this year because you were uninsured now is the time to do something about it, but you only have a limited time to enroll. So call a West Virginia Navigator by December 15th to get a 2024 health care plan that starts New Year's Day. The final deadline to enroll is January 17th at 5 a.m. Don't wait. Call a West Virginia Navigator today.

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