Sandra Loves Her Smile

September 20, 2023

Straight teeth and healthy bites gives you more confidence and a happier life. Sandra is a shining example of what it looks like to love your smile.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandra

What is your first name and what concerns brought you to West LA Orthodontics?

Sandra : Hi, my name is Sandra and I came to talk to Dr. J about two years ago for overcrowding and fast forward and I couldn't be happier with my end result. So I really wanna say thank you to Dr J and his whole team. You guys are amazing.

Please describe how our care transformed your smile and confidence.

Sandra : Getting braces really transformed my smile. But it also helped with the overcrowding and the pain that I had.

Describe any reservations you had before treatment and how you felt during and after your journey with us.

Sandra : So before seeing Dr. J, I had already gone to two different offices and I was not happy at all. So when I found him I was very, very happy because he was able to answer all my questions and all the doubts that I had because it's nerve wracking trying to find the right doctor to be honest. So I'm very, very thankful.

For someone considering orthodontic care, why would you recommend they choose West LA Orthodontics for their journey?

Sandra : So finding the right doctor is very hard, especially with braces, it's gonna be a long journey. So you wanna find someone who's gonna answer all your questions, who you're comfortable with and who is fun, honestly. And West L A orthodontics is the place to go. I really enjoyed it. I was there two years, probably a little more than two years. So I would highly, highly recommend it.

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