Eddie M Loves His Smile!

October 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eddie M

What is your first name and what concerns brought you to West LA Orthodontics?

Eddie M: Hello, my name is Eddie. The concerns that brought me to West L A orthodontics, started with my underbite. I had a pretty serious issue with my underbite. Um, I think it's considered a class three I think was the official name for it. It was very, very wide above my, um, my upper side. On top of that, On top of that, I also had some crowding on my lower teeth and also some issues up here on my, on my upper teeth as well. So that was, um, in summary, the issues that I had coming into West L A orthodontics.

Please describe how our care transformed your smile and confidence.

Eddie M: In terms of transformation, I mean, it's like night and day. Going into this whole procedure and the treatment itself, I was very self conscious. My underbite was just really serious and you can tell about my face structure and, you know, constant, just tension and pain and just not feeling comfortable. My confidence was just lower than usual because of that. And as I got older, it was getting worse. So ever since the treatment began, um though it was a lengthy process, the entire time I had trust in Dr. J and his team because they were so kind and, and made you feel welcome and being at home through such a process that is very grueling in some ways. Again, I never once was nervous. I never once was doubtful of anyone's capabilities, especially Dr. J. He's just an absolute professional and, an expert. One of the best in the field and he truly changed the entire outlook of the way that I see myself. I'm proud to laugh and I'm happy to smile and I, in fact, I do it very obvious now because it was just for a very large part of my life. I just, it was something that I hid and I was not proud about. I was very self conscious about. So not only did my under bite get fixed, but I now have this amazing pair of upper and bottom teeth. It's like I really could not have asked for a better result. And I'm so ecstatic about the results and how this turned out. And I really could not again emphasize enough how amazing the team at West LA Orthodontics is, how welcoming and professional they are, how amazing they are at communicating. And Dr. J is just really, again, someone who makes you feel like you are in the absolute best hands because you truly are. And I really could not have picked a better, a better team, a better doctor. It was just, if I could give 1000 out of 10, I truly would, it really, it really, really affected my life for the better in more ways than I can truly explain.

Describe any reservations you had before treatment and how you felt during and after your journey with us.

Eddie M: Before starting the process, I was, of course, because I had been told that surgery for me and my underbite was kind of the only solution coming into it. I was a little nervous. I did have trust in, in Dr. J and, and the team. But again, you know, when you're going into something new and, and something that can be so transformative as something like this, you know, you, you do get a little nervous. But I truly say this from the bottom of my heart as the process went on and as the months passed by and, you know, of course, there was some pain and there was some discomfort, because it is a long journey and it was a lot of patience that was required. But again, as I started to see the results and as I started to be in Dr. J's care, I truly started to realize that this is, this is gonna do well. I, I just felt even, even months in, I, I was confident that Dr. J knew what he was doing. And so truly, as time went on my fears and my nerves just naturally went away. And so by, by the time we weren't even done, I was like, this is, I was already happy with what I was with. We weren't even done with the treatment and I was already like, over the moon. So, you know, like I said, during the process, at the very beginning, I was nervous, but towards the very last end of it, I was like, I don't even know how this can get any better and it did, I mean, it, it still continued to get better and better and better. So by the end of it, again, I was just like I went from this, this kid who was just super self-conscious and like not happy with my smile, my facial structure to someone who was just like here I am, you know, it was again, day and night, it was transformative. It was truly one of the most important It was truly one of the most important parts of, you know, growing up and, and me becoming someone who's really confident now. So like I said, by the end of it, I was just like a brand new person. I felt like I was like entering a brand new world with a brand new smile that I've been, I had been longing for and been wanting for for so long. And so again, I could not be any more appreciative. I truly truly am so happy with the results. And um I just felt in the utmost best care throughout the entire process, any questions I had, they were answered immediately. Um, any concerns that I had again, uh, were, were met with, uh, understanding and, um, comfort, um, in any which way possible. It was just, I couldn't have had the best and most I couldn't have had a better experience. It was just absolutely amazing.

For someone considering orthodontic care, why would you recommend they choose West LA Orthodontics for their journey?

Eddie M: I would recommend to anyone seeking orthodontic care, West LA Orthodontics specifically because when I was looking to find the right fit for my specific situation, I went to many places here in LA and even outside of LA. And you know, what was different about West LA is just right off the bat. I felt like there was this openness and invitingness with the team and with Dr. J, there was just kind of this like feeling, like not only was the professionality there and the technique and all that you need for great results. That was truly there, but it was also very inviting and the team is very great at what they do and they're very communicative. And again, I could not have gotten the better results that I, that I truly could have asked for. There was, there was no stone left unturned. Um And Dr J is such a professional and he's, he really has a way with patience and making sure that you feel like you are the most important person in that room at that very moment and that you're in the best of care and the best of hands and even when we would hit a wall and things were just going slower than expected. You know, Doctor J was creative and he was on, he was on it, he was on his, on his feet just like trying to figure it out. And, and we did and we figured it out. All it took was patience from my end. And on his end, it was just his, his talent and how great he is at, at what he does because he truly does care for his patients and everyone that comes through his doors, um he's gonna, he's gonna go above and beyond for you no matter how small or how big your case is at West, she will be treated like the most important person. Um And that's why I would truly recommend it because, you know, it's really hard to find things like that outside of just like getting the work done that you need and getting the output and the results that you need. You really want someone who makes you feel confident and excited and not feel like it's a burden to go through this entire process because it could be very difficult for some people. Um So there's many reasons why I would recommend, but above all, it's really just like, you know, feeling like you're there and you're going to be treated well and just the results are going to be amazing. And like I said, no matter how small or big your situation is, you're going to be treated with the utmost best, um, care.

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