Sheila Mckinney for Ed Fund scholars 2023

May 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sheila Mckinney

Please state your name and high school attended.

Sheila Mckinney: Hello, my name is Sheila mckinney and I go to Pinole Valley High School.

Please state which college you will attend and what you will major in.

Sheila Mckinney: I will be going to Xavier University of Louisiana with a major in political science and a minor in African American studies.

What is one thing you are most proud of accomplishing this past year?

Sheila Mckinney: One thing I am most proud of is going to state for a speech and debate two years in a row. And I'm most proud of this accomplishment because I'm able to do what I love and network and hear other people's stories. But I'm also able to tell my story, so that's one of my proudest accomplishments.

What are you most looking forward to next year in college?

Sheila Mckinney: The one thing I'm most looking forward to in college is probably meeting new people, like meeting my people just being able to have different experiences while having fun, while being educated. Like at the end of the day, I'm there for my education, but also I'm there to have fun and create memories, everlasting memories that are gonna serve me well.

How does this scholarship help you progress towards your academic goals?

Sheila Mckinney: This scholarship will help me by reducing the expense of education and the number of hours I'll have to work while I'm a student. So, this way I'll be able to continue with my academic achievements and be able to flourish without having to worry about taking out loans, or anything else like that. HBCU's, they don't give you too much money so I could use all the money I can get.

Is there anything you want to say to your scholarship donor and/or the Ed Fund?

Sheila Mckinney: There's absolutely something I want to say to my scholarship donor. Thank you so much for choosing me. I know that a lot of applicants apply for this scholarship and it is a blessing that you chose me. This will definitely help me all of my endeavors. So I thank you and I'm forever grateful to you.

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