Kaylee Barron for Ed Fund scholars 2023

May 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kaylee Barron

Please state your name and high school attended.

Kaylee Barron: Hello, my name is Kaylee Barron and I am currently a senior at Richmond high school.

Please state which college you will attend and what you will major in.

Kaylee Barron: I'm currently planning to attend UC Berkeley this fall and major in legal studies.

What is one thing you are most proud of accomplishing this past year?

Kaylee Barron: One thing I'm really proud of accomplishing this year is being able to have the opportunity to apply to college, not just get in, which is a great opportunity as well. But applying to college to begin with is something that as a first generation Latinx student is something I'm always so grateful for, to have been given that opportunity and for all the sacrifices my parents made to be able to make sure that their children had that opportunity someday.

What are you most looking forward to next year in college?

Kaylee Barron: One thing I'm mostly looking forward to next year in college is being able to learn more about law and continuing to be on the path to become an attorney. I'm also really looking forward to meeting new people, exploring campus, trying out new food and restaurants, and all that stuff.

How does this scholarship help you progress towards your academic goals?

Kaylee Barron: This scholarship will help me afford my college education and allow me to continue pursuing my dreams of attending higher education and continuing down the path of becoming an attorney someday.

Is there anything you want to say to your scholarship donor and/or the Ed Fund?

Kaylee Barron: Thank you so much for this opportunity and scholarship. It truly is one of the greatest things that I will receive towards helping afford my college education and I could not be more grateful and I will forever be so gracious. Thank you so much.

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