Rob Johnson for Client Comments

July 05, 2022

Rob Johnson, owner of Riverwalk Capital, shares his thoughts on what it's like to work for Wegman Hessler in a customer review of Wegman Hessler, the business law firm in Cleveland.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rob Johnson, Owner, Riverwalk Capital

Could you describe the issue you or your company were dealing with before contacting Wegman Hessler?

Rob Johnson: Good afternoon. My name is Rob Johnson. I've been working with Wegman Hessler since 2002. They've been a trusted advisor for many years. They've helped me with many particularly difficult transactions, including the disposition of a Canadian subsidiary, the sale of one of my primary companies to a Belgian concern. And this was particularly difficult because of the regulations, not only in Belgium but also in the United States. And they've also walked alongside me on various investments I've made in different real estate and commercial properties. I've appreciated Wegman because they've always given me a straightforward, honest opinion of the situation that I was facing. I felt like their advice was worthwhile and meaningful, and I also appreciated that their billing was always fixed, fair and in line. It never seemed like it was usury. I've appreciated working with Wegman and look forward to doing it for many years. Have a great day.

How did your attorney at Wegman Hessler help to resolve this challenge? What were the results?

Rob Johnson: Good afternoon. My name is Rob Johnson. Wegman Hessler helped me with a challenging situation related to the sale of one of my primary companies. I had previously negotiated the retaining package for several key employees. We were having some difficulty getting the buyer to accept this agreement. Wegman Hessler came up with a very creative and thoughtful plan on how not only to incentivize these key employees to stay, but also to have a plan that would be acceptable to the buyer. And along the way, they helped calm me down because it was a very trying time, and I appreciated Wegman Hessler very much during this process, especially Larry Crowther. Thank you.

How would you describe Wegman Hessler in three words?

Rob Johnson: I describe Wegman Hessler in these three words: Wisdom, Prudence, and Integrity. Wisdom, because they have a breadth of knowledge in their firm which I've utilized for many years. I've been a client since 2002. Prudence because I feel they're very careful. They plan things out very well and they're discreet. And Integrity. They've always been honest, truthful and upright and all their dealings with me, and also their standing in the community is excellent. They have many relationships with other law firms, which has been a great asset in all my business dealings. And I appreciate Wegman Hessler for those three attributes of Prudence, Integrity and Wisdom. Thank you.

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