Webeo Customer Testimonial Video - Pall-Ex

November 30, 2023

Webeo Customer Testimonial Video - Pall-Ex

Video Transcript

Speaker: Harry Laverick, Pall-Ex Group

How important is your website to your demand generation activity?

Harry Laverick: Our website is often the first touch point for our customers. And it's important to make a good lasting first impression using Webeo, we're able to align our website with our customers journey and also show them what they really need.

How big of a challenge is your onsite conversion rate?

Harry Laverick: Sometimes having a large website like ours with multiple pages which we need to align to the customer's journey, using something like Webeo allows us to simply align the website to the customer's journey point them where we want them to point them in hopes that we can convert them.

How have you used Webeo to talk to different audience segments?

Harry Laverick: We use Webeo in many different ways to talk to different audience segments. One of these ways is through displaying different text or imagery to certain industries to give a personalized feel to the website and encourage conversions. Another way is simply hiding the pages from certain demographics in order to guide the customer smoothly from the journey from first visiting the website to hopefully converting

How easy is it to use the Webeo platform?

Harry Laverick: The Webeo tool is a very easy tool to use. I can make small changes at the click of a button. And the really easy customer interface allows my team to log on and simply make changes with minimal training. This is something I really love about Webeo.

What kind of results are you seeing since using Webeo?

Harry Laverick: Since using Webeo we've seen great results on our conversions. For example, before Webeo we didn't have personalization. So this is something which is brand new to the website. And we're already seeing a massive impact already. For example, when people come onto our website, they're seeing a more personalized view of the website, which means we can hide pages, we can hide texts and we can really guide the customer's journey, which is obviously in turn increasing the customer conversion. It's great to have Webeo

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