Leigh's Story

September 20, 2023

Leigh Psychedelic story 1plsd

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share this psychedelic story with you all. Um One of many psychedelic experiences that I've been lucky enough to have over the past number of years. But this one is probably just a little bit more approachable with words, shall we say? So we'll go ahead with this one and see how we get on. And it took place in the Spanish city of which is located in the southern region of Andalusia. And Cordoba is famous for its rich history and stunning architecture and cultural significance. And I had actually fallen in love with Cordoba um a few years ago on a solo trip around Spain and suggested to my girlfriend that we thought we go and live there for a couple of months and she said, yeah, you know, let's do it. So we did and, and uh one day Cordoba, we had some time off. We had the day off, I think, and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do with ourselves for the afternoon. And uh I at that stage conveniently remembered that I had some 1PLSD which is 1-propanoyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a psychedelic of the lysergamide class. And it's an analog of the quintessential psychedelic, the most famous psychedelic in the world LSD. And it's also an LSD pro drug which means that the body converts it into LSD. So essentially, it produces an LSD like experience. And I asked my girlfriend if she would be interested in trying some of this 1PLSD with me. And she said to my pleasant surprise, yeah, you know, and I say surprise because up at the, she had never had any psychedelic experience experiences before. So this would be her first foray into the psychedelic realm if you will. And so we did, you know, already this day, it was off to a very special start. But uh we took the 50 micrograms of 1PLSD and started navigating our way through the narrow sandy colored cobblestone streets of Cordoba and eventually made our way to its famous place where we sat down for probably three or four hours sipping away at cafe con leche and um taking everything in, you know, looking at the kids playing and the people interacting and you know, the miraculous form, formation of clouds above and, and taking everything in with a kind of heightened awareness, you know, and uh eventually we made our way to Cordoba's famous Mezquita-Catedral, which is the Mosque Cathedral in the eighth century building, just famous for its Islamic and Moorish design and trick and geometric patterns and mesmerizing forest of costumes. And um it's a really special place just outside the Mosque Cathedral is the orange patio, which is this kind of peaceful picturesque courtyard filled with orange trees and cypress trees and fountains. And so we spent some time there and uh you know, looking at the parakeets chirpin and eventually we made our way back to the place of and it was night time and the effects of the 1PLSD were wearing off and we had just had probably, you know, one of the best days of our lives, I would say it was just an incredibly memorable experience and we, we finished the day off by going and getting some takeaway pizza as you do. And we brought it back to our apartment. And um I remember that my brother had actually gifted me some weed uh the week previous. And so we sat down with our pizza and turned on Pulp Fiction and I walked away had a joint for a little bit and it was my girlfriend's first time seeing Pulp Fiction, which is actually my favorite movie. And now it's one of her favorite movies. And so, um it was a really beautiful way to kind of round off the day and it was undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences of our whole lives, I would say, you know, and um kind of serve as a reminder, you know, of what we actually are as human beings and not all of the labels and feelings and thoughts that we sometimes identify ourselves with, you know, and um allowed us to peer into the luminous, as you will, as Carl Young might say, and really appreciate the beauty of the natural world. So, um that's my psychedelic story. Um Thank you very much. This has been, you know, such a cool experience to be able to do this. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

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