Scott Jarvis Wealthery $10,000 Award

October 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Before you joined Wealthery, tell us what your income situation looked like...

Hey Scott Jarvis here. Uh Just to tell you a little bit about my journey with wealthy and the simple profit system. Uh I started in uh late February signed up in late January, but I didn't get going until February on it. And uh I made just a little over 200 videos now and uh I've also made over $20,000. Um So it's been just a real boost to my income. Um semi-retired realtor and uh not very active uh with that anymore, but uh focusing a lot more time on my other businesses such as selling on Amazon and uh and the simple profit system. So, uh I've been very excited about it. Uh It's super easy to do easiest money I've ever made online. I've had affiliate sites before. I've, you know, like I said, I sell on Amazon, do several different things and uh this has been just super easy for me. It's fun. It's enjoyable. Uh I go to friends' homes and record some videos of some products that they have and uh it's easy. So if you're on the fence about it, I'd say, hey, jump right on in, try it out. Um It's worked out great for me. I've been so excited about it. I've actually joined the Mastermind now, so I'm looking forward to increasing my income exponentially uh next year, uh doing the affiliate marketing stuff. So uh appreciate you watching my video and I'd say go ahead and do it, giving it two thumbs up.

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