Loretta Banks for Wealthery $10,000 Award

October 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Loretta Banks

Before you joined Wealthery, tell us how much money you were making in your online journey...

Loretta Banks: Hey there, my name is Loretta Banks. And before I stumbled across, well, three, I was making money online. Um, I've been making money online selling on Amazon for many years, but I was also looking for another way to make money with affiliate marketing. And when I stumbled across the opportunity where there was two streams of income from the Amazon influencer opportunity. I quickly jumped on to that.

Since Joining Wealthery, how much have you made directly from what you've learned from us?

Loretta Banks: Since joining wealthy, I have made on average about 2000 a month from the Amazon influencer program in the last six months. So May through October. So I'm well over $12,000 with that, I have also been pro promoting and talking to my friends and on tiktok about the opportunity with the Amazon influencer program. So in total, I've made about $3500 in affiliate commissions from the WE Three program and sharing the simple profit system.

If you had to describe your experience with Wealthery, in a few words, what would you say?

Loretta Banks: My experience with, well, three has been pretty amazing. Actually, I joined also the Mastermind program and I'm learning so much about just affiliate marketing and, you know, funnels and emails and following up and how to, you know, have a Facebook group and get people to kind of follow and attract people to you. Um So I've been learning a lot about that and I just love the opportunity of sharing the simple profit system because it is so easy to talk about. It's a real opportunity where you can make, you know, this income every month from Amazon. And so it's really easy to talk about. So I have been loving it and the fact that you can have the two income streams. Plus now there's these other opportunities to invite people into the Wealth Three Mastermind, which is great as well. I'm just getting going with that, but um I'm excited where that is going to lead in the future. So thank you Travis for that.

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