James Schneider for Wealthery $10,000 Award

October 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Schneider

Before you joined Wealthery, tell us what your income situation looked like...

James Schneider: Hey guys, James here. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you guys about how Travis has absolutely changed my life. So I started his program back in, I think it was like March of this year and it absolutely has changed my life. I've made over $50,000 since doing that. I work about 1 to 2 hours per day on those uh streams of income. So very nice and simple to do. I love his course because it's very simple and put together. So you can understand it just as a beginner, just like I was, I guess that this course has absolutely changed my life and I can't thank Travis enough. So I highly, highly recommend it.

James Schneider: Hey guys, my name is James and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about everything that Travis has taught me. So before that I was selling on Amazon and I had a lot of experience with like online sales and stuff like that. But ever since learning his program, it's literally changed my life. So I highly recommend it.

Since Joining Wealthery, how much have you made directly from what you've learned from us?

James Schneider: So ever since joining travis' program, I've made over 50 K with all the different streams of income. So highly, highly recommend it.

If you had to describe your experience with Wealthery, in a few words, what would you say?

James Schneider: I would absolutely recommend anyone to this program. It's very simple and well put together as a beginner back in March when I started, I didn't understand this aspect of it. And his program taught me everything that I need to know. Absolutely love Travis's program. So I would highly recommend it.

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