Ashlee Hoelck for Wealthery $10,000 Award

October 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashlee Hoelck

Before you joined Wealthery, tell us what your income situation looked like...

Ashlee Hoelck: So, before I joined World Three, I had spent 2.5 years trying to build an online business. Um, and not very successfully. So I was working at a restaurant part time, which I call it soul psyching. I absolutely hated it. Um, and, you know, I was not making money online.

Since Joining Wealthery, how much have you made directly from what you've learned from us?

Ashlee Hoelck: And since joining Wall Three, I have earned over $36,000 since I started in April, um and it's all directed towards Wall Three because it showed me, you know how to build a community, how to do affiliate marketing and all of that. And um it gave me me an audience to create my own trainings and stuff. So it's not just from Amazon or being an affiliate for SPS, but it's helped me to create like this amazing community where I'm helping them to make money and start new income streams too. So, yeah, 36,000 in like six months.

If you had to describe your experience with Wealthery, in a few words, what would you say?

Ashlee Hoelck: It's hard to think of explaining it in just a few words. But I mean, it's changed my life as cliche and overused as that sounds like it has literally changed my life. I left that soul sucking waitress job. I, you know, I've, I was already homeschooling my kids, but now it's like we can do all the things that we want, we can take better care of our chickens and our greenhouse and we went on a week long Disney vacation. Like everything is completely different and it is just the beginning. I cannot wait to see what happens this next year.

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