Victor Perez for Wealthery

October 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Victor Perez

When did you join the Simple Profit System?

Victor Perez : Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Victor. Um I joined this Amazon influencer program back in February 15th. Uh And then I got approved for the on site placement videos, uploaded three videos and all that stuff by the 19th of February of 2023. I was approved. This is my creator hub.

How Much Have You Made Since Joining The Program?

Victor Perez : So, since I've joined this program, I've made a little over $15,000 which it's kind of crazy because my full time job is an Amazon seller, uh ebay seller and Etsy seller. And uh I've spent thousands of dollars on like buying product and inventory and running ad campaigns and all this crap. And basically my ro I like my return on investment has always been like, you know, 20 to 30% margins and stuff and sometimes it takes a while to establish all this stuff in the business to even see a return. I paid $97 for this course. Again, that Travis guy just kept popping up over and over and over. I was like, you know what, I'm gonna try it, whatever. I found the time to make it happen. I uploaded 250 video reviews within, I wanna say the first month and then I just didn't even touch it. Um I'm gonna show you my numbers just because, you know, a lot of people are like, oh you know, it's bullshit and blah, blah, blah, like you can't make that amount of money. Obviously, some individuals make more, some make less. It all depends on the content that you put and how many videos you put all that stuff. What type of products? There's a lot of factors even in selling on Amazon, there's a lot of factors. Now, granted, I had to create all these social pages and everything for my actual businesses. So I got approved pretty quickly because I already had a following and I had all these extended tools that I used to do product research. So, you know, in my head, I kind of had an upper hand on like what sells and what doesn't. So what I should review high ticket products, all that stuff. Um So everyone's results are different, but again, I have 250 videos total. Um and I'm gonna show you my results right now some months, you know, there hasn't been a month aside from the first month of February where I got approved on February 19th for the on site placement, I ended the month of February with like 100 and $41 or something, right? But after that, it was like, 0 $600 a month, then $500 a month and $1000 and $2000 and $3000 a month. So like I've had some good weeks, had some bad weeks, but basically I haven't touched it and this money is just coming in passively, which is freaking crazy. Like I made my $97 back within three days of like being approved. Yes, I didn't get paid until two months later because Amazon has that 30 day return policy. So obviously, if someone returns the product, you lose that commission because the people get their money back. Um, but anyway, let's, let's look at the numbers. So if we look right here, uh, I'm gonna go to my earnings on site earnings. Right. All right. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Internet is being a little bit slow right now. Ok. So if you guys see here, right? This is October 19th. Today is the 20th. So yesterday I made $85 right? Um Here it'll tell you like how many items were shipped out, how many returns you had? Remember I told you there's a that 30 day period. So if someone returns an item, you lose that commission that shows you how much revenue you made, Amazon and then how much you made for the day. So I made $85.91 yesterday, October 19th, right? And if I scroll down it shows all the products that I made the commissions off of. Yeah, you know, so you make your reviews, commissions are here over here. Is that return? Right? So someone returned this product. So it says negative one, that product cost 14 99. So I lost 60 cents. So they took that away from me right now. If I go to the month of October. So let's just go from October 1st to the 19th. Today is the 20th, but nothing will show up until the day after. So we're gonna go to the 19th. Ok, I'm gonna click apply. So for this month, I am currently at $777. If you look here on the daily count, right? This little chart it shows you October 1st. I made $14. Uh the second I made $33 you know, the 4th 41 or the, the 3rd $41.13 dollars, $23 on the fifth, so on, so forth. Right. Um Looks like the 14th. I only made $8 super slow day. You know, it's, it's, it varies. Right. You know, on the right here the 18th, I made 100 and $60 on one day. Um So again, some months definitely better than others, but everything is kind of on autopilot. Now. I haven't uploaded anything new. Look. We'll take a look back at the month of September. So in September I made $823. Right. I had some days that were $55 some days that were low, like $4 on the 28th. I didn't make anything. I actually lost a dollar and 86 cents. Right. Let's see, September. Let's take a look at August. August. I made 1000 $337. Let's see, July. July, I made $3360. Um, I mean, you're getting the point right. Like, like here, right. July 1st, I made $94. July 2nd, I made $70. July 3rd. I had a $331 day, you know, and then on the fourth, I had a $6 day, you know, and then the 5th, $254 you know. So basically again, I've made a little over $15,000 on average, I haven't had a month that's been less than, you know, 500 to 600 bucks since I started this again, except for the first month of February, which I'm gonna see if I can pull back February so I can show you guys. So February, I think it was 100 41. But so here's February, I'm gonna go February or February 28th. Yeah, see. So I made 1 41 19, but my account got approved on the 15th. So by the 19th, I was accepted to the Amazon placement and with those three videos I posted, I already started making commissions right on the 19th when I got approved, I had already made $4 which was crazy to me. So by the end of the first month, which was only from the 19th to the 28th of February, I had already made my $97 investment back. And then by the next month I made $600 for the month, you know, So, like, I quadrupled my freaking investment, like in less than, you know, 30 days, which is ridiculous. Um So this program definitely works. Um Honestly, if I wanted to, I could put more effort into it and, you know, upload 1000 videos or something and probably make way more money. But I don't know, I just, I, I don't have that drive or hunger to do any more than what I'm already doing because I have a lot of stuff going on with my other businesses. And again, I'm a full time Amazon seller and stuff. But having this passive income coming in as a separate stream of money, it's definitely helped me out a lot in the sense that like, I have this little cushion now that like, this is money like I don't need, it's just showing up, you know, like, and it's cool to have that, you know, because I could get, I could spend more time with my kids and like, take them out and do things and it's, it's pretty awesome, but I'm really happy that the course wasn't a freaking scam because I've paid for some courses that were like, you know, $2000 courses, $3000 courses to learn skills to, you know, make money online and a lot of these so called like Gurus and shit, like they give you all the ge general generic shit that like, yeah, it's decent information if you like have absolutely no knowledge, but if you pay $3000 for a course, like you expect them to like help you walk you through it, you know. Um and this course that Travis made, which was $97 which is crazy for the amount of information you get because he basically like holds your hand through the entire process like he has a PDF of everything like step by step. What to do, you know, it's freaking stupid. Like it's great value and yeah, I mean, it's definitely, again, you guys just saw my numbers, like, even if I only make 100 and $50 a month for the rest of my life passively, like that's 100 and $50 a month passively that I don't have to do anything anymore for, you know, but I've been very fortunate that the reviews I've made and stuff are making me over $1000 a month, $3000 a month, $2000 a month, which is freaking awesome. Um Definitely recommend this program. Yeah, and it's, it's, it's great. If you, if you hustle and put the work in, it's definitely worth it. Should try it out.

Would You Recommend Wealthery And Simple Profit System To Others?

Victor Perez : So in conclusion, those Instagram reels that I saw his ad over and over saying this is the simplest money he's ever made. He doesn't consider it a job and this and that, I mean, honestly, to me that's 100% true. I feel the same way again, I've uploaded 250 videos total since I started back in Feb February. And I showed you guys my results, I literally have done nothing since I haven't uploaded. Like the only thing I do is go on here and just check how much I made for the month, but I haven't uploaded anything new. Nothing. Again, there's way more potential to make money doing this thing. I, I know some people in our group because there's also like a community that he's made for us. So like, you know that we have a Facebook page and like thousands of people that are also doing this post their results. And like we talk about issues that people are experiencing and try to help each other out. It's pretty awesome. Um And he, he does a really good job of like informing us of changes and things that are coming up with, you know, new stuff with Amazon and their updates. And so I definitely would recommend this program. Um Again, I don't consider this a job. I literally do nothing anymore and I'm still getting monthly income. Um maybe in the future if some of the products that I reviewed, like stop selling on Amazon, I might have to upload some new videos. But as of now making an additional 1000 to $5000 a month passively where I literally, it's just autopilot. I don't have to do crap anymore. To me, this program was 100% worth it. I'm glad I took that chance and trusted that he wasn't gonna scam me, you know, but again, $97 in my head, I was like, even if this is a scam, it's 97 bucks and I've paid way more for other courses. But luckily this was actually awesome. Not a scam and freaking, I'm, I made, I've made over $15,000 off of a $97 investment, which again is ridiculous. So Travis, thank you very much, man. Appreciate you. I definitely recommend this program. Family, friends. I've gotten six people in like of my inner circle just showing them how to do it on their own. And you know, it's, they're enjoying it too. You just take little 32nd review videos of items that are already in your house or that are in your mom's house, your friend's house, stuff you find out on the street, you know, just take a picture and if the Amazon Scanner says it's sold on Amazon, you can review it. You know, you don't have to own the product to review the product as long as it sells on Amazon Super easy gig and uh highly recommend it. Travis you the man. Thank you for all you do.

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