Lindsey Bryan for Wealthery

September 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lindsey Bryan

When did you join the Simple Profit System?

Lindsey Bryan: Hi, everyone. My name is Lindsay and I joined the simple profit system in March of this year. Um, by the end of March, I had made about 100 and $20 which doesn't, doesn't seem like a lot, but then it started to snowball. Um, between April and August of this year, I have made over $11,936 through this in both the profit system. Um, and I also joined the super affiliate system and the mastermind, which also earned me over another $8136. So, altogether in that short period of time between March and August, I have made almost $20,000.

How Much Have You Made Since Joining The Program?

Lindsey Bryan: Since joining the simple profit system in March, I've made over $11,936 in commissions. And then I also joined the super affiliate system in April and I'm also in the mastermind and between the mastermind and super affiliate system, I have made another 8 $8136 which is incredible. So, in that fiveish months period of time, I've made well over $20,000 just by joining the simple profit system and following Travis's steps.

Would You Recommend Wealthery And Simple Profit System To Others?

Lindsey Bryan: I definitely would. I recommend the simple profit system to anyone that's looking into it. Um, again, I ran across an ad just that said it was $97 and was like $97 is nothing if it can teach me how to make money online in a pretty passive way. And so, so I joined and I haven't looked back. It's been incredible. And as I said, I've made over $20,000 and I've also met some really incredible people that have taught me how to make money in other ways like partnering with brands and which has made me another $1000. So I've been able to use this experience to continue to expand how I'm making money online and it's really changed my life. Um I knew that my job was going to be ending in mid August. I was going to get laid off. And so looking into finding a way to make money online so that I wouldn't panic whenever that my job ended was really my goal. And now I can see that that is completely possible. Um And there was one week in July where I actually made more than seven days between commissions and affiliate sales than I did in an entire month with my job, which it was way more than I make in a month with my job. So I know that if I can do that once I can do it again. Um So again, if you are on the fence about joining the simple profit system, I highly recommend it. And I also recommend looking into the su super affiliate system and the mastermind as well.

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